Q: What are the minimum hours and rates for the Farm House?
A: The cost is $150/hour. Monday-Friday requires a 3-hour minimum and Saturday/Sunday require a 4-hour minimum.

Q: Can the caterer have access to the facility before my rental time begins?
A: No, necessary set-up and clean-up by the caterer and client must be done within the time rented. Client must factor that in when deciding upon contracted times.

Q: As a client or caterer do I set up my own tables/chairs?
A: No, City staff will set-up the appropriate tables and chairs. City staff will contact both the client and caterer two weeks prior to the event to discuss set-up needs.

Q: If I want to serve alcohol at my event, can I hire my own mobile bartending service?
A: No, alcohol may only be served by one of the approved Farm House caterers. Caterers are responsible for applying for a $10, one-time special event permit with City Hall to serve.

Q: As the caterer what happens if I get to the Farm House at the scheduled rental start time and the client isn’t present?
A: City staff will not be available to provide access to the venue. This is the sole responsibility of the client as he/she has been provided a key. Caterer must contact client.

Q: As the caterer do I have to provide full-service or can I simply drop off delivery.
A: Simple drop off is allowed. Clients are not allowed to pick up catered food. Caterer must deliver.

Q: As the caterer, am I required to return to clean-up food delivered?
A: No, it is the client’s responsibility to clean up all remaining food and trash and dispose of properly.


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